Kids Finance Workshop

Date: TBC in 2022
Time: TBC
Language: English
Suggest Ages: 12 years old and above

Program Methodologies:
Power Point presentation, Online activities: discussion, quiz, games etc. 

  • Basic of wealth
  • Value of money
  • Activities (Item exchange, Dream planning etc.)
  • 4 money jars
  • Different Currencies
  • Human Treasure
  • How money is earn
  • Q&A & more…
kids finance program

family financial planning course

Date: TBC in 2022
Time: TBC
Language: English

  • Understanding you and your family financial situation
  • What’s wrong and what’s right?
  • Family goal setting
  • Do you have enough for your retirement?
  • Are you ready for your kids education?
  • Are you ready to protect your family?
  • Are you ready for your succession planning?

Stock Investment Trainings

Date: TBC in 2022
Time: TBC
Language: English

How to select great business that help you to constantly grow your wealth (potentially 8-15% return per year).

Option strategies to generate monthly return and multiply your return with limited capital and limited risk (potentially 1-4% return per month).

  • Option Investment class-2 days
  • Brokerage platform training
  • Fundamental analysis online recorded course
  • Free book
investment training

Wealth Transformation Programme

Date: TBC in 2022
Time: TBC
Language: English

Learn to remove your self-limiting belief on wealth that transforms your wealth creation journey.

Learn what needs to be done. Streamline your incomes and expenses.

Learn stock investment which can be your second source if income (create 1-4% passive income per month)

  • Wealth & life transformation planning session (3-4 hrs individual session)
  • Stock investment trainings
  • 3 months coaching & support
  • Free book


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